Oh my, oh my. Time is going incredibly fast, and I've been slacking with this blog big time. All is well, I haven't passed onto another life, just extremely superbly busy. Between coming back from Dubai and now, it has just been uniuniunisleepuniuniuni. Can't believe it's been a month since I got back, AND I'm going back to the sandbox again in a few weeks. Super excited for a small vacation and then have to get working to earn a living, you know how it goes.

The only event worthy of talking about is the 'Glam-rock' themed party I went to a week ago. At the same time, it's really not 'worth' it. Either way, was exciting to get ready for it, to do my hair, and cake on some golden sparkly eye shadow.

Over exposed washed out faces o the century, who knows what happened there.
Good night chipmunks, I'm going to go and wrestle an essay now.