Me and Dubai have a love hate relationship. That will never change. I cannot make up my mind whether I want to leave or not. In a way the life style here is unbelievable, maybe even luxurious to a certain extent, but is that what life is about? Living it up glamorously, with pools in every garden, 7 star hotels and endless money? That's what you grow to learn while living here, and eventually get a smack in the face by reality when you realize money doesn't grow in trees nor does it grow in bushes or anywhere else for that matter.

However, in all honesty you have a privileged life growing up here, and this I'm thankful for. You hear about how the entire country is boring, and there is nothing to do. But isn't that the same for any country you live in? You've seen and done it all, time for something new and exciting? Same, same, same everywhere. Except here you do face a few extra restrictions, but then again there are ways around them, little loop holes to everything.
Aim of keeping this blog is to document the last few months of my Dubai life, and out of insane boredom and lack of money. Will consist of .. my life.
5 years behind me and nothing has changed. One of the worlds largest cities has the largest number of snobby and stuck up people I have ever met. The younger kids do exactly the same things my friends and I would 3 years ago, no one seems to learn or even care for that matter. Welcome to Dubai. City of ignorance and plastic.

Living here has been a life changing experience in the greatest and the worst ways possible. You have so many opportunities here, but what it all comes down to is who you are and who you know. Money is never been an issue and here there is no such thing as 'summer jobs' and under 21 year olds working. Unless you really have nothing better to do, you may seek out something that will earn you easy cash. You live in such a hard plastic bubble, that you don't realize how well off you are until you leave the country and actually enter reality. This city is built for big hopes and dreams, but be ready it may let you down many, many times before you even see a tiny spec of light at the end of the tunnel.