Dubai Life

Assuming that none of you know this, I lived in Dubai for 5+ years and only now I can say that I miss it so much. (Wouldn't have heard that coming from me a year ago, that's for sure). I could say that I've spent some of my worst days and some of my best days in that city. Life there is very unpredictable yet so boring and repetitive, no words can really explain it, so you'll have to go and live there yourself. Oh, the many times my friends and I have joked about starting our own reality tv series, because that's just how life there is, like reality television.
You miss out on opportunities which are then compensated with opportunities which you'd never imagine coming your way. I would have never imagined of seeing the things I've seen or even living on the 35th floor of a skyscraper (building above). I've seen the craziest driving, been in a car with a nutjob driver, beach bars and clubs were an every weekend kind of thing, a pool 10 meters away from your front door was nothing out of the ordinary, grocery stores delivered and so did most fast food restaurants .. 24/7, I've seen the worlds tallest building being built yet I've never set a foot in it, I've been on the skiing slopes inside a mall, and the list goes on. But to me none of that really matters, what matters are the memories I'm left with, so many of them.
I've got great friends still living there, and for some reason even most of the people who once left, have now returned. It's the magnificent pull of Dubai, drawing you back in even though you have a love hate relationship with the place. And that's what I miss about it the most, just the continuous changing atmosphere, people come and go and then return yet again to make your life that much more fun. 
And then there's the partying. Yes, technically you need to be 21 to be able to get anywhere. But then again there's always ways around it, and therefore, I believe that there is probably not many people my age who have a strong healthy liver left, because it's crazy. Let's just leave it at that. 

I graduated from high school there, with a full IB Diploma (yes go me), and that was followed by a gap year.I had a lot of time to 'waste', which I did. And now looking back there are so many things I could have done cough get a job cough. But I'd say that the city just doesn't have a 'young working culture'. It's hard to get a job there, so I just didn't. Regret it now, but it was a great year nonetheless.
 I got my first puppy Daisy, did some crazy things, fell out with many people, made great friends, spent too much money, shopped too much, drank too much, did too much of nothing. But hey that's Dubai. Apologies for the picture spam
Ask away if there is anything that you would like to know about specific things like nightclubs,malls etcetc. You get the drift. <3

Exciting Studying

Exams, exams, exams. I'll be done on Tuesday, and till then I'll be buried in books and papers. What I don't understand is people in this country and their 'I don't care' attitude towards grades. I've been busting my butt off to study and half the people haven't even opened their books yet. How do you not care? Or maybe it's just the inner nerd in me, but still. This 'There's always resits' kind of attitude confuses me, why not pass the first time around and be able to go for summer holidays earlier. No comprendo :(

I've always been a decent student, worried about my grades, trying the best I can to get the best results and therefore, I've never been in a situation where I wouldn't be able to go on with school or uni due to failure. So kids, CARE ABOUT SCHOOL AND EXAMS. It makes you feel good (: And some more pictures from Wednesday night. Pardon me.

Compulsory pout/fish lips. blopblop

Have an awesome weekend lovelies <3 



Exams are approaching. I haven't done anything, and yesterdays partying doesn't help either. It was one of my closest friend's birthday so went a little bit crazeh. So much for an 'early night'. I would assume that I should know that there is no such thing as an 'early night' or 'just one drink'. not possible. Anyhow, back to the point I'm very busy and hanging real bad so posts will be impossible to do till... next Tuesday. woo.

So that was my night in a nutshell, trailer trash themed. So hey lets throw on a flannel and a wife beater. All I'm missing is a trucker hat and a mullet. But now I shall continue my napping and nothing doing for a few more hours and then I'll have to whip out them books and turn my nerd gear on. But I hope you all have a great, magnificent, sunny day and weekend. 


Winter Break Shopping - Part 1 (Dubayy)

^ Filmed in Dubai, wut wut ;)

I know winter break was numerous months ago, however, I wasn't doing anything with this blog yet. And therefore, I shall do this now. Out of insane boredom and great abilities to procrastinate and not do things I'm actually meant to be doing. Ah well, all nighter here we come.

So, most of you probably aren't aware but my parental units live in Dubai and I visit as much as I can. Every time I do, I leave with an empty & sad wallet, because my sister and I end up going on shopping binges just for the heck of it. It's incredible how much time we can spend in malls. The amount of options Dubai offers also needs to be taken into consideration. So here's some of the stuff I got while I was there, half of it I left there because my suitcase was full. heh.

I would assume most of Forever 21's profit comes from my splurging. Basic tee's and cardigans. The only piece not from Forever 21 is the semi-aztec print which I bough on sale from Splash's men's section. 

Cross Sequin shirt - Forever 21 

Tank -H&M
Plaid button up - New Look
There's some things I felt were not necessary to photograph, such as basic blazers and cardigans, but those would be inserted right here. 


Also, Victoria's Secret was having a winter sale, so I went a bit crazy. Except I've only got two items with me and the second one was a Christmas present from the loveliest sister in the world. 
Well then lovelies that would be all for now. There'll be a part 2 with stuff I bought from Finland when I was there for a week. Now, time to get cracking on this Film essay I've been putting off for the past two days.

This attractive face says peace out mofoos. 


Coal n Terry Vintage


Holy mother of beeep. So sick and tired of seeing everyone wearing the SAME STUFF!. Ok it's because there's like an H&M here and that is pretty much the extent of most of the shopping people do. But that's ok, because there is always ONLINE SHOPPING. just kidding, I can't afford it. But maybe you can, Coal & Terry Vintage have some amazing things in their webstore.. in awe. The jackets especially now have a special place in my heart. Muchos gusto.



Oh what a day, oh what a day.
Took a spontaneous trip to Ikea for some MEATBALLS! Some 'proper' food for once, but meanwhile Emily and I took a trip around town after my film class. Another beautiful day, surprisingly. Almost got used to all the rain and gloom this country has to offer. It was 100% shorts and tshirt weather, hallelujah.

Some semi fail outfit photos. Good gracious... 'nuff said.

And why not end this post with a face I ruin almost every picture with...Good bye.