Long Time

I have returned yet again. Must stop disappearing for months on end. But to be honest these past months, beginning from January, have been hectic. I've moved back home to Dubai from Holland and enrolled into a culinary school here. Life is looking up and I'm hella excited to kick start this "career as a chef". Picture overload of the past few months.. insert here.

The sole reasoning for my return would be just the fact that I did not enjoy my course and life in Holland. This decision has been for the best for myself. I have began a crazy health kick, losing weight, gaining power. I've been crafting and making bracelets & makeup bags with my sister. Living healthy. Living life. Saw GunsN'Roses live. Met the most adorable puppies.Cooked my heart out etcetc. I promise to be more up to date with blogging, will be including cooking and baking posts, make-up posts and tons of hauls!
Keep tuned,
Yours Truly


Decisions Decisions

Ok, I've been very iffy about a million and one things lately, one being whether or not I want to continue with the course here/continue living in Holland. I never saw quitting as an option, however that is what it has come to. Over the course of the last half a year (atleast) I've lost motivation towards the course work and just purely don't care anymore. So after the hardest week of my life and a lot of decision making, I have decided to return to Dubai and rethink my life goals. So last month in Holland here we go.

Here are a few photos from my day being a hobo. I now have to commence selling all my belongings, because I am leaving with one suitcase.. just one. How on earth that is going to happen.. no idea. I still haven't unpacked my bag from my christmas break and those things will most likely remain in the suitcase till I leave. This has to be the 'craziest' decisions I've made. I don't ever make risky decisions and like to play it safe, but I believe this is for the best. For the longest time I've been miserable and not enjoying it here, so destination Dubai. (: 


Septum Anti-Septum

I am on the fence about removing this bullring out of my nose. Such a quarter life crisis situation in my hands... The first time I had it done was when I'd just turned 16, in Singapore. Such a painful experience but now it has become a part of me, almost like a hand or a foot. But still I've had my thoughts about just removing the metal from my face. Hrrm. Also, this is how I spend my precious study time. Contemplating the less important issues in my life.


Christmas Haul

This extended Christmas break was definitely one of the good ones. Consisted of minimal drinking and maximum time spent with the fambam. The money which would have usually gone towards boozing it up and taxi fares went on shopping, shopping and more shopping. Warning: This post may consist of an unhealthy amount of studs...

H&M / Topshop / Forever21

Daiso (much needed jewelry organizational shizniz) / Cotton On

Beckham perfume ft. dust.

Cotton On / Forever21 / Bath & Bodyworks

New Look / Cotton On notebooks

Adios Amigos! Many sorries for the picture spam.


How about that 2 month break...

Officially back to business. Back in cold and dark Holland...All I have to say is that I'm not keen on being back here, at all. Exams are around the corner.. AGAIN, and I've literally a motivation level of about -100% right now. Sad times for me, knock on wood that summer comes aknocking faster than ever. Here are some crappy phone photos for your viewing experience. Will do a haul on a later date.



Babblebabblebabble. I've got a stuffy nose and the ability to ramble, apologies. And also... sorry for webcam quality. Tons of apologies being thrown around today ay.



I've rewarded myself with an unearned lazy day. Sleep in late, watch cheesy chick flicks and a million tv shows all day, mash and gravy for dinner, peach ice tea, candles. Best feeling ever.

What I should have been doing:

And this is what I was doing:

Adios beautifuls. Go out and party before you get lazy like me!