Babblebabblebabble. I've got a stuffy nose and the ability to ramble, apologies. And also... sorry for webcam quality. Tons of apologies being thrown around today ay.



I've rewarded myself with an unearned lazy day. Sleep in late, watch cheesy chick flicks and a million tv shows all day, mash and gravy for dinner, peach ice tea, candles. Best feeling ever.

What I should have been doing:

And this is what I was doing:

Adios beautifuls. Go out and party before you get lazy like me! 


So I've finally popped my 'ink cherry'. It's been a long time coming and I decided to get my self an early 21st birthday present. Guess who is the happiest person alive right now? This psycho right here. So basically I've had this idea in my head for the longest time finally got around to getting it done. One on both shoulders, roman numerals and dates which have changed my life for the best. Right shoulder has the date of when I hauled my little 7 year old butt to Singapore and the second when my rebellious teen ass was flown to Dubai.  Great first experience, great tattoo artist, great tattoo shop. Nothing negative to say, and will post some decent pictures when they are healed and all that jazz. 



Until last week I had an ultimate hate towards home made sushi. I've been proven wrong! Best thing ever to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner...! I'd love to say it's cheap as chips, but obviously the basic ingredients will cost you some dollar, however, so worth it. These rolls above include crab sticks, cucumber and a chili mayo (light mayo, sriracha sauce and sesame oil). Everyone should make sushi everyday... everyday. End of the best post ever.


The Crimson

Master procrastinators like myself should receive awards. I have 3 chapters aka about 150 pages of film reading to do for tomorrow, and what do I do instead of read? Play around with lipsticks and scroll through instagram although there's absolutely nothing new there. Failure here we come.

Also, why is it so fucking cold outside? I can't deal with icicles forming in your hair and eyelashes kind of weather, nor is a constant brain freeze fun either. Take out em beanies protect your brain if there is something in there to protect, which is more than I can say for myself. On a more positive note, I'm making sushi today. Who's jealous?


Weekly Activities

I have officially come to terms with the fact that I will literally have no life until the end of December. Goodbye birthday and all the fun pre-Christmas festivities. However, last night at least for some part compensated for my lack of social life, because Emily cooked up a huge Thanksgiving dinner. Have to say that this was my first 'thanksgiving anything', hopefully won't be the last. Delicious mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, veggies, deviled eggs, good drinks and great company. The ingredients for an interesting and hilarious night. Lacking in pictures though, 'insert instagram picture overflow here'. Over the course of the past week I've...

 Suffered through crappy Dutch weather and enjoyed numerous cups of coffee and cigarettes.
 Attempted to mix wine and whipped cream. (Only existing Thanksgiving photos)
 Had healthy foods to eat and drank a little bit too much.
Struggled through too many essays with a sad face and also attempted cleaning...

Legit my favorite song right now. // follow me on instagram @jonestyy


All signs point to Lauderdale

Stereotypical Dutch weather grey, gloomy, rainy and all in all, just not a great mood enhancer. So here is a quick 'outfit of the day', beats writing a million word essay on American constitutions in the 17th century...

Jeggings - Gina Tricot, Ring - Forever 21, Nailpolish - Models Own (Grace Green), Sweater - Gina Tricot, Scarf - Seppala.
Have a good weekend you lot. Party for me. I may perish from the stress this essay is giving me. 



 Clothing item
 TV Show - Gilmore Girls
 Scent - Thierry Mugler "Alien"

Master procrastinator here, hello. 


Too much busy!

The minute I get some free time... it's all an illusion. Work is piling up and that makes me sad. It also means I'll be studying for my Americas III exam on my 21st birthday. Karma what have I done to deserve this.

Flights have been booked back to the sandbox, debating on getting a job for the Christmas break (nutjob times), ALSO constructing a haul post for ya'll. It'll be up when I get my cute camo jacket from Sheinside, which I found out about on Nadja's blog. Good times.  Here enjoy some pretty scenery of Groningen town.





Halloween has been such a huge part of my life, well ever since I moved to Singapore at the age of 7. Generally Halloween isn't really 'celebrated' in Finland although it has become more popular within the past few years. So to the point, the only time I'd get to dress up as a witch in Finland was during easter, until my fatherdearest hauled my ass to Singapore. I lived in the most amazing apartment blocks which we would call condos, and every child would get dressed up, we would have a "community get together" ft. photo taking and showing off our costumes, followed by trick-or-treating around the entire area. That would've been hundreds of houses. Greatest times and my siblings are doing the same in Dubai, not exactly the same as it was when I was growing up, but the basic idea is still there. Finland needs to catch up with the times!

Once I'd moved to Dubai the Halloween traditions slightly wore off. I'm almost upset, if that's even the word, that my younger siblings will not get the same amazing Halloween related memories as what I've got. Either way, the minute I left Singapore that was the end of this magnificent celebration. I mean there were a few Halloweens where I'd go out in dubayy but it would include people egging houses, glassing people/getting into fights and so forth, aka not so much fun.The only times I get dressed up fancy now will be for theme parties like the one below. 

Happy Halloween you lot!

MIA #2

...second picture post ft. pictures from my time away from the blog world. (just because I can.)

Will return tomorrow. Maybe. Goodnight for real this time.