Me and Dubai have a love hate relationship. That will never change. I cannot make up my mind whether I want to leave or not. In a way the life style here is unbelievable, maybe even luxurious to a certain extent, but is that what life is about? Living it up glamorously, with pools in every garden, 7 star hotels and endless money? That's what you grow to learn while living here, and eventually get a smack in the face by reality when you realize money doesn't grow in trees nor does it grow in bushes or anywhere else for that matter.

However, in all honesty you have a privileged life growing up here, and this I'm thankful for. You hear about how the entire country is boring, and there is nothing to do. But isn't that the same for any country you live in? You've seen and done it all, time for something new and exciting? Same, same, same everywhere. Except here you do face a few extra restrictions, but then again there are ways around them, little loop holes to everything.

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