Biggest fan of leather jackets, but mine seems to be cursed.
Paid a fortune for it, and the zipper just doesn't like me. After numerous mishaps with it, it is like brand new.. almost. Cannot wait for the weather to warm up so that I can wear it for longer periods of time rather than the quick runs to the supermarket. Oh happy days.

Let me present to you, the Bershka MEN'S leather jacket which is amazing. Yes it is a men's jacket, and yes it is in L. I have a passionate hate towards most of the women's leather jackets which many of the stores sell. Firstly, because half the time they are over priced and still look cheap or just the fact that they are the short kind. The ones which reach down to about your belly button, not very flattering on me. Therefore, this is my baby, an oversized men's jacket.

Now I've gotta pick up the courage to wear more leather... someday. One can dream right?


  1. The coat is so nice! I love men's stuff. Whenever im in Topshop, I check out Topman and usually find loads of amazing buys;) xoxo

    1. LOVE Topman (:
      Best finds there, even though my wallet doesn't agree (: Ah life goes on.

      I'll check your blog out now (:
      Muchos love x

  2. En ole koskaan ostanut mitään Bershkalta. Joku vkl pitää kyllä käydä Tallinnassa :P

    xx Heidi Caterina

    P.s jos tykkäät mm. muodista ja diy projekteista, käy tutustumassa mun muotiblogiin, SearchingforLBD.blogspot.com ja jos haluat, liity lukijaksi! :)

    1. Bershkan miesten osasto omasta mielesta 10 kertaa parempi (:
      Yleensa aika pettynyt niitten vaatteisiin ja laukut menee rikki parin kerran jalkeen :'( Mutta takki kylla rahan arvonen (:

      Tottakai kayn tutustumassa blogiisi (: