Game of Thrones

I have FINALLY finished my exams, only two more essays to go and I'm done for the next week. I've literally been sitting at home buried in bed or wandering around for no absolute reason. Its the post-exams syndrome, I swear that's a real psychological condition. But while I've been sitting around, I discovered this amazing show. Game of Thrones. Not too far into it yet, but so far so good and totally hooked. Have to go buy the books at some point and read them too because this is just something I needed in my life.

The story takes place in a medieval dystopian world, and the story line is structured around a murder. I would highly recommend  this show for any fantasy,history geeks like me.
 Enjoy this attractive face. Very nice quality I must add... Goodnight, and a lovely weekend to you all (:


  1. Wow, upea lukea blogia englanniksi, niin että ymmärtääkin jotain:)
    Mulla taitaa olla toi peli jossain kaapissa, tuli armoton hinku pelata. Ehkä nyt pääsiäisenä voisikin.

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  2. aivan ihana tää sun blogi :) tykkään kans kamalasti sun tyylistä ;D

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