I feel like I put my life 'quite out there' most of the time, in conversations and now here. Time for a more elaborate version of a 'Get to Know Me', cover the basics and they never need to be asked again. Deal?

Name Jonna Nickname Jones Birthday 10/12/91 Place of Birth Finland Star Sign Sagittarius Occupation Hobo 

Hair color Blonde, but it's been every color you can think of at one point or another. Sticking to the basic black for now. Hair length Too long, half way down my back Eye color Green Height 5'2 ish (157cm) Best Feature My eyes? Braces been there done that Piercings Septum, ears 4x (16mm plugs) Tattoos not yet, but after summer for sure Righty or Lefty Right handed mofoo Firsts: Best friend Samu (RIP Dear one) Award erm zero talents, so none? :D Honor roll? Sport football/swimming Real Holiday Must have been Turkey Concert Ashlee Simpson

Favourites: Film Candy/Requiem for a Dream or anything sappy and cheesy TV Show of all time? Gilmore Girls Color Green Song Candy-Aaron Carter Restaurant anything Asian Store Any grocery store Book Junk by Melvin Burgess + Harry Potters Perfume Viva La Juicy - Juicy Couture or Play - Givenchy Animal My puppies, hands down! Future: Want children Maybe, who knows Want to be married Yeah I believe that would be quite delightful Careers in mind Anything that would allow me to work in the media/communication field or something very historical. I've always been fascinated with archaeology. Where do you want to live Somewhere exotic, maybe Asia or back in Dubai 

Middle name Marika Favorite subject in school Err must say it was history, and still is in uni. Favorite drink coffee? energy drinks that make your insides erode? yeah Future kids names um well haven't thought about this. But Alexia and Isabelle are gorgeous names. Guy names hmm no idea Sports no I'm a lazy git. I used to do everything, now I'm getting old ;) Graduated Yes I have, well from high school. 2010 Travelling Too much travelling in my life, this year alone I've been on a plane 3 times Languages English, Finnish and basic Mandarin/Spanish Siblings Four of them Pc or Mac Peeeceee Phone Blackberry 

That's all for now I believe. I need to get rid of this habit of spamming these posts with pictures but enjoy my face, and my sisters face cause shes sew pretty. Goodnight ya'll.

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