Missing in action

And ... a million months later I'm back. Everything has been so 'hectic' lately the idea of even opening up blogspot has not even crossed my mind. There was exams, and then my two month trip to Dubai which consisted of work and partying, upon my return to the country of rain I've been buried in essays and reading and all that fun university related stuff. So technically, nothing exciting has happened to say the least. 
I hope to be more consistent with these posts again, specifically at times like this when I'm meant to be writing an essay about the violation of human-rights during the 'War on Terror'. Instead I've been drowning myself in beer and watching Gilmore Girls. I shall end this post with an over flow of pictures from the months I've literally been mia. Goodnight. 


  1. Tuli tosta vihreestä puvusta mieleen, et ollaan puhuttu kavereiden kanssa, et ens vuon festareille kaikki vetäis tommoset päälle :D