Weekly Activities

I have officially come to terms with the fact that I will literally have no life until the end of December. Goodbye birthday and all the fun pre-Christmas festivities. However, last night at least for some part compensated for my lack of social life, because Emily cooked up a huge Thanksgiving dinner. Have to say that this was my first 'thanksgiving anything', hopefully won't be the last. Delicious mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, veggies, deviled eggs, good drinks and great company. The ingredients for an interesting and hilarious night. Lacking in pictures though, 'insert instagram picture overflow here'. Over the course of the past week I've...

 Suffered through crappy Dutch weather and enjoyed numerous cups of coffee and cigarettes.
 Attempted to mix wine and whipped cream. (Only existing Thanksgiving photos)
 Had healthy foods to eat and drank a little bit too much.
Struggled through too many essays with a sad face and also attempted cleaning...

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