Decisions Decisions

Ok, I've been very iffy about a million and one things lately, one being whether or not I want to continue with the course here/continue living in Holland. I never saw quitting as an option, however that is what it has come to. Over the course of the last half a year (atleast) I've lost motivation towards the course work and just purely don't care anymore. So after the hardest week of my life and a lot of decision making, I have decided to return to Dubai and rethink my life goals. So last month in Holland here we go.

Here are a few photos from my day being a hobo. I now have to commence selling all my belongings, because I am leaving with one suitcase.. just one. How on earth that is going to happen.. no idea. I still haven't unpacked my bag from my christmas break and those things will most likely remain in the suitcase till I leave. This has to be the 'craziest' decisions I've made. I don't ever make risky decisions and like to play it safe, but I believe this is for the best. For the longest time I've been miserable and not enjoying it here, so destination Dubai. (: 

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