Long Time

I have returned yet again. Must stop disappearing for months on end. But to be honest these past months, beginning from January, have been hectic. I've moved back home to Dubai from Holland and enrolled into a culinary school here. Life is looking up and I'm hella excited to kick start this "career as a chef". Picture overload of the past few months.. insert here.

The sole reasoning for my return would be just the fact that I did not enjoy my course and life in Holland. This decision has been for the best for myself. I have began a crazy health kick, losing weight, gaining power. I've been crafting and making bracelets & makeup bags with my sister. Living healthy. Living life. Saw GunsN'Roses live. Met the most adorable puppies.Cooked my heart out etcetc. I promise to be more up to date with blogging, will be including cooking and baking posts, make-up posts and tons of hauls!
Keep tuned,
Yours Truly

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