Indian Chai

This weather is truly fucking me up. Apologies for my language, but it really is. I've now come down with a cold. Almost done crying about the weather, almost. But it was so nice about 2-3 weeks ago, what happened Holland? What happened? Then again, I should be grateful because apparently it's snowing in Finland, CTFxC informed me of this unfortunate weather all you Finns have to deal with. (ps. If you haven't watched CTFxC, you haven't lived life.Click here;) )

Just take a guess who had trouble getting up this morning and how many times the snooze  button was pressed before I actually got up and dressed. Lets just say 30 mins worth of snoozing. Had to rush to a lecture feeling like poop on a stick. 100% hoodie, big scarf, thick tights kind of thing. What an exciting life.. really. Time to watch Dead Man (nom nom Johnny Depp) and drink some Indian Chai tea and let my immune system die a little more. Hope your week is going better than mine. Love. 


  1. Sulla on kivat hiukset (:


  2. vähä ihana toi lävistys (: ja kiva blogi on !

  3. oi tosi kivan olonen blogi ja sulla on ihanan väriset silmät!:)