So I thought I'd share some of my absolute favorite lotions/body butters, because, who doesn't like to moisturize? No but really, I've got some crazy lotion obsession phases where I can't go anywhere without lotion, and then sometimes I just forget. Most importantly they need to smell yummy or its a no go. 

If you EVER get your hands on any Soap & Glory creams or shower gels etc., don't hesitate to buy! Because I can say that they make the best products. It does have a smell that takes some getting used to and such, but even the smell in my opinion is yummy. They come in all sized jars and tubes and I've just got plenty of small ones which are easy to shove in a bag. 
I think the Body Shop body butters are self explanatory, and they just smell delicious. 
And then, perfumed lotions. I feel that if you've got the perfume to go with it, it's an easy way to make the scent last much longer. Right now I've only got the Paco Rabanne BlackXS lotion and sadly ran out of the perfume, sniff, and then the Calvin Klein Euphoria. Both are very night time scents, but very 'me'. 
Bath & Body Works also always have the most amazing things, I just had to throw away a 'Winter Candy Apple' lotion. It smelled like Christmas and candy apples in a tube. Insert sad face here. 
Anyways cupcakes, that is all for now, not much has been going on in my life. Classes have started, the weather is being a bipolar woman and it's just too grey outside to get inspired by anything. All that boring stuff. But I shall return with some interesting stuff perhaps when I drag myself outside, maybe someday...