Crazy tymes.

Ah thank god this week is behind me. It really just hasn't been my week in anyway. Two presentations, life time worth of work, minor bike accidents and crazy homesickness. But it's all behind me now, which is great and I can just sleep in this weekend.
Presentation wise, I haven't got much to say about the first one, however, the second one I hit a jackpot. It was for my film course on the movie Triangle (go watch it if you want a proper mind fuck, puzzle film). Who knows why I was so stressed out about it. A woot woot out to uni work.
And, then to the funny bit. My 'minor' bike accident or should I just call it a Jonna fail. Someone hadn't tied their shoelaces properly and those motherfuckers got wound up around the pedal and thus, resulted in sitting in the middle of the street unwinding it. Haha, wish you all could've seen it because it was just the funniest thing. Oh well, no shame.

So here are a few photographs from last saturday. Emily and I had a bright idea to do a 'brunch'. It's such a Dubai thing and basically means you start drinking around noon with tons of food etc. Well we did start drinking at 2.. with the alcohol store cashier looking at us like we're hardcore alcoholics. And we did make some chicken burgers AND sausage rolls. Accomplishment, especially in the state we were in by 5pm. All in all, a decent night and not so decent morning. That's all the pictures I've got for now, been too busy to do much else and so forth. Have an awesome weekend pumpkins!