Shopping... again.

One thing about Dubai is that you can't go there and not spend money. Even though I attempted to convince myself that I would NOT even bother going to the malls because I can't afford to buy anymore clothes, partly because I have no money and also because my closet is over flowing with clothes I barely wear. I'll assume that I ain't the only one who buys clothes and then forgets about their existence entirely. Story of my life. Either way,  I did go around spending money, hence this post. Guess who returned to the Netherlands with a million kg suitcase AGAIN.
I truly believe my ring obsession is returning, therefore, these two beauties are a part of my ever growing collection. And I couldn't resist and leave the necklace at the store either. All three from Forever 21

I caved into trying out a gel liner since there has been so much hype about it, mostly on YouTube. So far so good, applies well and perfect for winged liner. Might do a separate post on this. And then I also got an NYX lipstick which is part of the Black Label Collection . It's very, very pink and guess who loves it.

My second bottle of the Versace Crystal Noir perfume. Something has always drawn me to this scent but because of the price I only now splurged and got a second bottle. Perfect for nights out.

3 hour stop over in Heathrow = scavenging through Boots, and I came out with this facial peel. I've been a fan of Soap&Glory products for forever, and I will report the results when I find time to try it out. 

Two colored pairs of shorts, entirely something new for me. Everyone who knows me well enough knows that my wardrobe mostly consists of black... and black. The picture doesn't do much justice to the true colors but either way... outfit of the day coming soon ft. color on Jonna? (Forever 21)

Some basic cut off sleeve shirts from New Look, very hispter of me... and a black cardigan with grey detailing from Forever 21.

I'd also been looking for new shoes, something very casual for days at uni and so forth. The black ones were bought first and I then returned to get the maroon ones because .. I wanted to. Both pairs from New Look and at a reasonable price too. Content. 

There are some other things I got also but forgot to take photos of them. Bought some hotpink/black flip flops for the summer, and I must say they are the most comfortable flippy floppys I've ever put my feet in. Two pairs of sunglasses were also purchased along with a Garnier tinted concealer (Anti-dark circles), it does magic to the semi-raccoon eye look I've got going on half the time. No more spending money for awhile, well at least until I return to the sandbox aka. Dubai. Nonetheless, very happy about everything I splurged on... enough said.


  1. Kivan tuntunen blogi ja ihanii kuvii. Aloin välittömästi hinkua itsekin ostoksille:)
    Ehkei blogi kuitenkaan osu siihen: enemmän tekstiä osioon, mutta keep going!